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Mark and Gelle, a U.S based couple, came home to the Philippines to solemnize their wedding at the Notre Dame de Vie in Palazzo Verde. The blissful celebration was swarmed by their families, relatives, and loved ones. Apart from  the wedding SDE, the reception LED had shown the couple’s  SDE Teaser, Travel Photo Slide Show, and Save the Date Video.

Mark + Gelle Travel Photo Slide Show

Mark + Gelle Save the Date

Mark + Gelle Same Day Edit Teaser

Mark + Gelle Same Day Edit 



Lans is is a humble, friendly fellow who breaks boredom by  telling unlimited, interesting stories. His persona  attracted Grace and led to their marriage . Grace see her future in a  bored-free, entertained life. In his personal vow,  Lans  states his perennial commitment to Grace: “ I love you today, the next day, and forever.”  The good pastor who officiated at the christian wedding connoted Lans’ personal vow by rephrasing “Until Death do Us Part” with “Only Death shall Set You Apart."

Patrick + Guia

After both of them passed the recent bar exam, Jeff and Guia finally ended their bethrothed romance by fusing their hearts together in matrimony. These young lawyers' hardship to finish law has indeed reaped the fruit of success and their special gift to each other, the union of their hearts.

Joseph + Laarni

Scores of brilliant filipino techies are working in Singapore and Engineer Joseph Cruz is one of them. To complete his life in Singapore, Joseph brought with him the best gift that he received from God(as quoted in his personal vow) - Laarni. After 6yrs of living together in Singapore, Joseph finally married Laarni in a matrimonial ceremony held in Sanctuario de San Jose, Greenhills.

Hi Sir Anthony & The Whole EDS Team, Joseph & I would like to extend our sincerest Thank You for a job well done! You guys are all fantastic, accommodating and uphold a high level of professionalism from our Pre-Nup to our Big Day! Words are not enough. Joseph is really so so happy sa SDE peg niya, the best! Sir Anthony i apologize 'coz i forgot to personally Thank You. Hope to work with you again soon, maybe sa baptism ng 1st child namin, sa silver anniv, golden at any other occasions. Thank you and See you soon! Cheers, JosephLaarni

Jun + Finky

These young medical doctors wed near the ocean to fell the endless sea breeze and waves which depict their perennial love to each other. Attended by young physicians and lawyers, the wedding of Jun and Finky was indeed a blissful celebration of oneness. In his personal vow to Finky, Jun wondered why is it that Finky misses him when he's away but gets irritated when he's around. Listen to what Finky responded. Watch their SDE.

Waffy + Angie

Angie is the daughter of our client-turned-friend, Sam Alvarado. We photographed Sam’s 25th wedding anniversary about 5 years ago. As joyful as the celebration of her parent's silver wedding anniversary, the wedding of Angie was graced by the presence of the people close to her heart and the relatives, friends, and family of Waffy. This young couple is now living in Australia.

First of all, I want to say congratulations to Mr. Anthony and to all the staff of East Digital for a job very well done. Thank you for being there to capture the moments of our big day. We had fun the whole time and we enjoyed seeing and watching the videos shown on site. As such, we would want to relive those times by looking at the videos you beautifully made. Kindly send us the link of the SDE once it is available and the photobooth photos as well. We look forward to seeing our official wedding photos as well. Again, thank you and great job to your team! Regards, Angie and Waffy

Tony + Jony  (INC)

Tony and Jony are U.S-based couple who celebrated their wedding in the Philippines. Solemnized at the Iglesia ni Cristo, Local ng Bel-Air, Makati, their families, friends, and loved ones were so happy to witness the oneness of this young couple.

Cyrus + Pinky

Cyrus and Pinky have been sweethearts for over 10 years. Cyrus is very much in love with Pinky that he confessed in his personal vows on their wedding day that he still misses Pinky everyday. Likewise, Pinky divulged in her personal vows that she has concurrent feelings for Cyrus and she cannot live a life without him.

Cyrus and Pinky who are now working in Singapore as a Mechanical Engineer and IT Engineer, respectively, met each other back in college on their PE class(table tennis).

In the same way as the couple prepared hard to make their wedding very very special, East Digital pressed all buttons to provide excellent wedding photography and videography services for Cyrus and Pinky. True enough, Cyrus wrote us:

Please convey our deepest gratitude to Sir Anthony & the rest of the team that covered our wedding.. :-) the best po talaga kau!! we'll recommend you to all our friends and relatives that may be getting married! :-)

Best Regards, Engr. & Mrs. Cyrus Hornopia

Henessy + Danie

Unending as the waves rushing shorewards, the love of Henessy and Danie interminably kept them in high spirits as their beach wedding celebration, graced by the presence of their parents, relatives, friends and loved ones, finally sealed their oneness.

Iman + Fatima (Persian Wedding)

Iman and Fatima are both half filipino and half Iranian. They have been childhood sweethearts who grew up together and finished the same course in college. Watch how a persian wedding is celebrated.

Jonald + Jennifer

It's love at first sight that happened to Jonald when he first saw Jennyfer. In his personal vow, Jonald expressed how he admired Jennyfer on their first meeting. Likewise, Jennyfer whose childhood dream is to marry a man like Jonald, exclaimed how she appreciates Jonald for the way he loves her.

To East Digital, Hi good day we would like to thank east digital, to your crew that covered our wedding for a job well done. First our friends and co workers were amazed by our prenup pictures and one said its the most amazing pictures he had ever seen. Second our sde hit many likes on facebook and many of our friends were teary eyed while watching it, they even said they would like a wedding like ours coz you made a fantastic job. We would surely recommend you guys to all our family and friends. Again thank you and Godbless. Jonald and Jennyfer

Recent SDEs are Uploaded on our FB Account

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