About Us

             In 2004, East Digital Studio was founded by Anthony C. Magana. He was a former science researcher and writer of Science Media Inc. and Academe Publishing House. He had written numerous articles in Physics ranging from mechanics, electricity, magnetism to light and optics. Many of his articles were on the creation of inexpensive learning aids  such as telescope, microscope, slide projector and pin-hole camera  for physics teachers nationwide.

            Armed with the science knowledge in light in optics, Anthony put up East Digital Studio and introduced important innovations in photography equiptment and products. He developed a  long-range wireless trigger that can turn on a lightning system 1kilometer away for infrastructure photography, an umbrella with built-in dimmable LEDs for low-light photography, and programmable light saber LED for light-painting photography. He built his own photo album bindery and has first-hand control over album design and durability tests. The premier-class album is the latest among his album collection.

            In the last 10 years, Anthony has toured many countries not just for prenup shoots and business trips but for photography master-class fellowship as well to keep abreast with the fast technological innovation in photography. 

East Digital Studio

Unit 178E Sandoval Ave., Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City

Landline: 9953563   Mobile: 09778215301

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